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Once they are able to do that, their destiny is to motivate and inspire others by their own example to reach their full potential. You make the feel they are most important in your life. Pisces with birthdays on this day tend to dream a lot however and can try to tie in reality with fantasy.

It does not always work, but you certainly get an A for effort. As per the Pisces birthday astrology analysis , because you are so creative, you can be good at any profession that you choose but find the right channel to enhance your talents. Do what you love doing if at all possible. Link your interests or hobbies and find a career that would make money.

Do you like to write? There are many job postings for writers. Do you like helping others? Maybe social work would be more rewarding to you. Whatever you decide, you will do well. Let us talk about your health, Pisces. You are eating right and sticking to it.

FEBRUARIE 2019 - Horoscop amănunţit- toate zodiile cu Ghicitoarea Craica

I am proud of you! I know how you love food, but you can make a delicious meal using fruits and veggies.

Those with February 21 birthday, should stay away from all that fatty junk food as well as sodas. Included on the list of restrictions should be drugs and alcohol. That is a big no-no. Excessive use could be detrimental to your overall health. You may think that two glasses of wine a day would not hurt, but after a period, you will want to check the status of your liver.

Alcohol does damage Pisces women faster than men.

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Pisces, please think about this. You are a gentle soul that is creative especially when it comes to romance. You spoil your partner with your generous nature. Pisces, you make people feel good about themselves.

February 21

You will do well with a career in which you can be artistic. Famous Birthdays For This Day. Neptune represents spirituality, healing, feelings, and emotions.

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Saturn stands for completion, delays, concentration and permanence. Actually best way is to judge the strength of Moon Kundali and Lagan Kundali, whichever is stronger will act more on you. Sade Sati Effects For Aries Moon Sign: Rising phase of Sade Sati tends to be slightly negative and usually it brings changes in career which can be positive or negative depending on dasha. The bottom line is that Career gets affected in some way.

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Out of whole Sade Sati 7. This is the phase where Aries ascendant natives. Setting Phase of Sade Sati is generally peaceful for Aries sign and things start to deliver results. Sudden financial gains tend to happen and same time chances of inheritance also becomes prominent. There will be some auspicious events with father and your mind will be towards religion and spiritual progress. You will start to appreciate life in this period and gratitude comes along with it, for self improvement this can be considered as the best period. Peak phase Of Sade Sati, brings travels and hectic timing, there can be pressure at work and same time you may get opportunity to go abroad.

Despite of progress in life there is a element of obstacles in life. Setting Phase Of Sade Sati: The setting phase of Sade Sati is known to cause issues in health and though other areas of life is stable and balanced.

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This health part can cause severe obstacles in progress but things works out in the end. Health starts to go down and same time quarrel happens in family. Peak phase of Sade Sati brings some severe results, losses occurs at large scale and same time hospital bills starts to bother. There can be sleep related issues and sometimes it may be hard to sleep due to lot of unnecessary dreams.

Setting phase of Sade Sati brings a element of relief and a interest starts to arise in academics and other areas of life tend to come on track. Energy flow gets better and physical activities becomes priority for you. By this time you will understand the wrath of Sade Sati.

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You may find it hard to control the expenses and same time stress will occur because of that. There will be issues in your health also and you may feel lethargic and lazy. Peak Phase is worst for Cancer sign natives, your health faces serious issues especially when you are in period of a maraka planet and same time if Moon is afflicted in your Horoscope. Setting phase of Sade Sati works better then rising and peak period but still issues tend to come in it. Especially health need to be watched because maraka effects of Saturn can be higher while leaving your 2nd house which is also a maraka house.

Expensive items tends to fail and your gadgets may give up on you. All sorts of niggles you Leo sign native goes in this phase. Peak phase whereas caused some intense argument with father and troubles from government comes in life. Best is to pay your taxes and dues on time or they get bigger in the end. Setting phase of Sade Sati is generally good and things start to get better in your life, though your spouse and family can get affected in it. Some member of the family faces health issues which can lead to expenditures.

Usually, a balanced period it turns out but still cautions are required if you are in a negative Dasha. This phase can find you a life partner through spouse and you will find yourself at tight spot. Parents health can go down to in this last phase of Sade sati which can put you stress. You may find a source of income from there and same time may develop a strong connections which ultimately leads to gains in future.

Peak phase of Sade Sati considered as the best period of life, in fact for this sign only maximum benefits comes in Peak phase. Career, marriage and health gets better in this 2. Setting phase of Sade sati again proves good for you and this time happiness in family prevails.

You will complete with all the positives going in life and may desire for more and more. This period should be passed with cautions and patience. Peak phase also causes same kind of issues but this time your health gets affected the most.

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Same time your spouse also face the heat and may face issues in career front. Setting phase of Sade Sati, is something which leads to rebuilding in your life with new found faith and devotion. Career starts to come on track and money flow gets better and better. Relationship starts to improves and spouse condition gets better and better. Your expenditures tend to rise and frequent health issues bother you in it. During Rising phase of Sade sati things start to improve but still issues tend to bound your limit of growth.