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The original German text of the interpretations in this program, first published in print in , include events, physical manifestations, and psychological attributes. They were developed by Hamburg astrologer Ruth Brummund, Vice-President of the Hamburg School of Astrology during its period of greatest progress in research, and one of the world's most knowledgeable and long-experienced experts on Uranian midpoint astrology.

This text was updated in the early s, translated into English, and included on-screen in the program, with a convenient search function to look for specific keywords. Special Uranian slos offers these features that most previously popular programs don't:. It may be significant that the strongest praise of our program has come from long-experienced and serious midpoint astrologers who are interested in current functional techniques, rather than fashionable or intriguing but inefficient historical curios recently revived due to research grants on the historical development of astrology.

Downloading the demo version of Special Uranian will allow you to read a sample of the Brummund Rulebook interpretations for the Sun in your own chart, offering you the option to compare them to see the difference from older midpoint references you have access to, and see the astrological functions available to you through the program. For information on how to do this go to the end of this page, or continue to read here for verbal descriptions, endorsements, and background. Astrological Lexicon search function, using Brummund Rulebook, for "astrolog"; yields related keywords associated with each picture, illustrating helpful context.

Aureas SUP is a terrific, user-friendly program. I'm especially pleased with the layout of the graphic ephemeris, and the ability to add midpoints to the graphic, the moveable dial, and the ease of viewing midpoints; the instant list of midpoints, distances and half-distances; and best of all: interpretive text for all midpoints in a chart plus timing. SUP is indispensable for a Uranian astrologer.

Aureas is my favorite for a tri-dial, with the viewable midpoints on any of the 3 levels.

Midpoint Structures: Their Use in Cosmobiology and Vibrational Astrology

It's my preferred printed dial -- for clarity spacing of tics , and adjustable fonts and size of the points. Having all my friends' and clients' charts in the programme allows me for the first time to easily study first-hand how different midpoints manifest in their charts and match with reliable midpoint interpretations. I love this program.

It is definitely an eye-opener. Blake Finley and Ruth Brummund are brilliant. The tools are fantastic. Some features I especially like are the instant transits and the Uranian Mandala which I have just started to try to figure out. The next version should be even better. The new Brummund Rulebook translated by Blake is amazing on the clarity it brings to planetary combinations. Special Uranian V2 is a masterpiece. More than I ever expected. I've been at Uranian Astrology behavioral astronomy for almost 30 years. This is my dream come true.

Checking out where an individual is in his life has always been a tedious process for me. This program SUV2 makes it not only easy but fun as well. After 25 years of use of midpoint analysis in my professional work, I finally see that someone has produced an astrological midpoint analysis program that focuses on essential techniques based on serious and systematic observation and research, and allows for further first-hand research that can be carried out quickly and easily.

The addition of the Brummund Rulebook midpoint interpretations along with this program make it outstanding contribution to serious astrology for today -- its interpretations are almost unbelievably insightful and accurate, and well-rounded. This is it The Special Uranian program along with the Brummund Rulebook finally does it, with effective and convincing techniques and interpretations.

I was so worried I would be without the Brummund Rulebook as it almost always answers questions I have about specific charts when RPP does not cover known events or reactions to situations I know have occurred. After 30 years of astrological study and practice, including extensive midpoint work, I am continually learning to expand delineations with the help of Ruth's valuable contributions to Uranian Astrology, no serious astrologer should be without the Brummund Rulebook.

My basic philosophy is this:

After getting the program, I went through the lessons. Because of the mish-mash of what I'd read from the various sources, I was trying to make things too difficult. The lessons were very clear about what you were looking for, how to get the planetary pictures, visually, but with the program as well. That's why I was so excited that I was able to reproduce the results in the lessons.

Because of the accuracy of the program, was able to pinpoint things that were happening in the treatment of my husband's high blood pressure. This led to more research and I was able to find a treatment that is working for him without the side effects he was experiencing. When you consider that I started with this branch of astrology in January and within 3 months was able to utilize this tool enough to get a real good idea of what was going on is phenomenal. This is why I said it has made a major, beneficial impact in my life.

There are at least two people in this world that have benefitted from the years of study and work that you and Ruth Brummund have done. I'm thankful for that and that the Universe answered my prayer to "bring the information across my path. The SUP V8. I enjoy working with it. NOTE that each individual involved the program development functions as an individual who has their own personal political viewpoints -- the overall objective is to develop scientific astrology, with compromises on or indifference to disagreements on other, unrelated issues.

Books published by any participant are the choice of the individual, and may not coincide with political or other views of other participants. The programs are also available in English, Spanish, and Italian.

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The internal program calculation infrastructure was created by him and then modified by him to manifest what one sees in the Special Uranian program, including some superior precision graphics for practical work that eliminate the need for printed paper and dials for routine astrological dial work. Mr Santoni created the bulk of the extensive and laborious internal calculations and formulae that produce what appears on the screen while you are using the program. His broad background in the technical aspects of both classical and modern astrology has contributed to the development of the Special Uranian program as well as the other astrology specialization and larger comprehensive programs offered by Aureas Software in French, Spanish, Italian, and English.

A good teacher will want to give students guidance, but then too a good teacher will want to impose discipline through testing and assignments. The balance between what reasonable students can easily absorb, and what becomes too heavy of a burden for them presents a dilemma the wise person must address. Similar situations can arise with religious or personal freedoms, or the lack of religious or personal freedoms.

When does dictated doctrine become so heavy and burdensome that it restricts a primary goal of lending direction for personal growth, leading toward a better understanding of the role of self as a conscious being? This combination ensures that no imbalance in any discipline imposed vs.

Eventually situations should arise which force change, and thus the shift of the emphasis from too much of one, and then the backlash of the other. Miss, Lee's Surrender at Appomattox. Arising in life are situations which cause you to take a stand to effect change, no matter how difficult that can be, or what potential losses you may have to absorb along the way.

This combination is about turning portions of your life, or situations you may be involved in, around. Sometimes things happen, rules are imposed, or things happen around you which test the limits of tolerance. When that happens then deliberate action needs to be taken to correct the circumstances, and restore some measure of social or psychic sanity. This combination offers such resolve. You may tolerate long periods of acquiescence or acceptance, and then one day something happens which causes you to internally shout "Enough! This is not so much about destruction, as it is about regeneration.

There can be tremendous depth of inner power with this combination strong. This inner power is there to take, develop, grow, mold and use to advantage. You may need to use it in sports or athletic situations, in artistic performances, standing up to difficult or oppressive situations, refusing to yield to criminal or malicious forces, etc. Whatever the situation, here you can find the inner strength and resolve, courage, to stand up to whatever is happening, perhaps even moving beyond previous physical boundaries.

There usually is a strong pull to strip events or situations down to their basics, and then start anew in rebuilding them. This transformation may be done quickly, or it may take a lifetime, even more. When events conspire which seem to get out of hand, or which are obviously counter to social growth and development, then the powers here lend inner strength and fortitude to stand up and effect whatever changes are necessary to right the situation.

Times or events may come where you need to test the trustworthiness of people or situations. You may probe with small psychological or verbal thrusts, and then depending on the response received, try another thrust. This may happen many times over until you are assured that the persons can be trusted, or that the situation you are assuming or going into is safe for you.

Should there be a let down from a person, or a person who does not keep up with their intended or promised potential, then it can become quite easy for you to walk away from that person or situation. Getting to the depths, finding out the reasons behind what is happening and why, are important parts of this set of energies. Each person has a set of internal energies, which Eastern Philosophies refer to as "Chi" spelled in various ways , or Kundalini.

This inherent internal energy is yours to use. Developing, nurturing and using this wisely can allow you to effect feats of personal growth and transformation which lie far beyond normal human qualities. Practices like Yoga, T'ai Chi, Meditation, etc. When used and developed well this inner power can help you overcome almost any situation.

Focusing on growing as a person through increasing your awareness of others, or what is happening around you, becomes very important. As you become more aware of what is happening, both through your immediate environment and also indirectly from feedback through others, you learn how to grow and develop. You need to become aware of how you use your time and personal energy to respond to general social or specific other's demands. Learn to recognize how your responses and emotions affect others. Through such assessments you need to integrate experiences into self so that you can become a better overall person.

You should focus on developing your social skills when interacting with others, as this can help you realize how to become more well rounded. Family members, friends, acquaintances, people you casually meet, interaction with children and spouse -- these all become important factors in creating situations which then help you realize how to mature and develop perspective on life. Learn to assess social situations and events with clarity.

There may be a tendency to hide or block unpleasant or distracting situations from mind, but eventually you will need to go back and examine these with the intention that you can learn from them.

Even if harm or psychological pain has been inflicted your lesson is not so much why this was done, but more how you can learn from the experiences and through them grow to be a better overall person. The important idea here is for you to mature through life's interactions and events.

It becomes important for you to build and nurture your reputation and integrity. This can best be done by adopting and using social skills which create "win-win" situations in all ways. Placing an emphasis on what only you, the self, gets out of a situation may not necessarily be your best approach to understanding and then working with others. This combination is about your need to grow as a person, and anything that you can do through increasing awareness of how you impact others, taking educational courses in understanding people, working with others to achieve common goals, should eventually help you to become more psychologically integrated.

An awareness of the environment, and concern for environmental issues may arise as you go through life. This awareness may be superficial, or it may come to dominate your time and energy. You need to develop attitudes about how you use others, resources, space, and even time -- always looking and doing self-assessment so that your use of such helps you mature. Time is your one variable, and learning to use it wisely should be a primary goal for you. Familiar with Conclusions; Attunement to Interpersonal Reactions. Maturing through Events; Learning and Growing through ongoing Interactions.

Roosevelt's First Election. There can be a need for distancing self within interactions with others, preferring to remain somewhat aloof while you survey what is going on, and before making any social or emotional commitments. This cold aloofness can be quite attractive to some, but others may find that you are not responsive to their needs.

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While neither view is good or bad, there needs to be some self-realization that sometimes you can appear to be distancing yourself in interpersonal interactions, while you yourself may have no idea that this is how others are interpreting your levels of interest. This trait can be good if you wish to remain interested but detached in ongoing social situations, or it can be harmful if you wish to become more involved when others interpret your interests as being too cold or aloof. You probably have strange ways of dress or mannerisms, at least in the eyes of others who see and interact with you.

You may not see yourself as different, but others can be quick to pick up on your unique ways and mannerisms, modes of dress, ways of greeting and approaching others, etc. You may come off as the eccentric scientist, the oddball inventor, and should you care to nurture this persona, it can become a defining part of who you are. While some marks of individuality can serve to set you apart from others, too much individuality can also become socially isolating. Thus, the choice is yours as to how you prefer to have others see and think of you.

There is nothing good or bad in any of this, only the extent to which you intend to remind others that you are not like them, and enjoy being somewhat different.

Choose your edition of Mastro based on the features you need.

There should be a strong interest in scientific fields like computing, electricity, magnetism, mathematics, etc. This interest can take you into their application in fields of social interactions, such as the use of computers to measure attraction between people, or, working on inventions which can help ease the lot of daily life, like anti-gravity machines, new forms of non-polluting energy, etc. The use of astrology as a tool for assessing how events or people react in the physical world should also hold an interest which is fascinating and absorbing. People who tend to attack or belittle your interests or efforts should find that you are more than able to defend yourself and your interests.

Quick reactions not only to new ideas, but to attacks by "the uninitiated" on potentially helpful inventions or breakthroughs would probably be met quite forcefully by you. You should have a good taste for fashion, but mostly for fashion statements which set you apart. Your choice of color and clothing can make you seem different, unique even. But these can become your way of simply telling others that you are who you are, and they can remain who they are.

You probably do not view yourself as eccentric, but others may. It remains important for you to express yourself in your own way. This combination enhances your ability to see different and various possibilities within life situations. As these come into awareness, your thinking may lead you off in directions which seem outlandish but probably have some basis in reality. It is through such dreams or inspirations that important breakthroughs have been made.

Little can or will be accomplished without the dreams which originate the investigations and analyses which help shape any final outcomes. This ability to envision first, and then work through what is practical and what is not practical, is an important part of this combination, and when used well can lead to many breakthroughs. You should have a strong interest in the mystical side of life, and do much thinking on the implications of what goes on in non-material realms. In a way you have the ability to lift your mind out of any physical or daily concerns, and look at the countless possibilities which describe alternate ways or approaches in life.

Not everything is tied to the physical reality of hands-on nature, and your ability to see beyond this physical-only existence and grasp the possibilities which lie beyond is enhanced. Through such insights you should be able to see paths and ways which others can not see when it comes to solving problems. This ability can help others come to you for advice and counsel when they are stuck with seemingly impossible to solve problems. You need to remain aware, though, that any advice you offer when asked should have some practical side to it, and not just be totally vague.

When this combination is strong there can be a tendency to get caught up in frauds and deceptions, or to generate such on others. Your intentions may be honorable, at least at first, but somewhere along the way you should realize that you may be taking advantage of the good nature of others. When this happens you need to effect any corrections or adjustment necessary. You may have a better than average psychic sensitivity, and through this "see" or "feel" things, emotions, visions, etc. This psychic sense can serve you well, keeping you away from situations or people which could cause physical, psychic, emotional or economic harm.

As you feel this trait developing take time to nurture and understand it. This can lead to insights while doing daily tasks, work assignments, looking for lost items, finding financial investments, seeking people who can help with bringing dreams and visions into reality, etc. Develop this trait well, but be aware that it can be easy to deceive yourself, and force into your mind what you wish to see or hear, as opposed to what should be coming in from other-worldly sources.

Not all other-worldly sources may have your best intentions as an goal, and you need to be aware of being mislead and taken off in counter-productive directions. Thus there is both good and potential harm here if you can not or have not learned to use these energies with discretion. When there is a need to persist through any adversity or unfriendly circumstances, as in business, military or athletic situations, or when embarking on untried efforts whose outcome remains in doubt, this combination adds determination, stability and persistence.

These energies help with the organization, administration, planning and management of any and all efforts. When needs for disciplined or controlled approaches are called for, this combination provides added emphasis to creating and also sticking to a routine or set of routines which can see the effort through to the end, regardless of the physical, emotional or similar costs. Once set in motion, undertakings using this combination tend to last, and they also usually come to effective conclusions. They may start off slow, and even to some ridicule of derision as to the expected final outcome, but when completed they usually exceed expectations and produce useful outcomes.

Though generally conceived to be a difficult combination, and one which demands much from people having this strong, it can also lend an inner organization and attention to detail which in the long run can save much time and overall effort. This is not a flashy or socially impacting combination, and people with this strong natally can come off as being out of step with the rest of the world when it comes to social awareness or political intrigue. But those with this combination strong could probably care less about such, as they generally remain focused on specific goals and outcomes -- like those measured in time and money savings.

There generally is an economy of purpose kept in focus here, with results on practical and completed outcomes. This combination can be quite good at adding personal discipline to your lifestyle. When there is a need to abruptly turn parts of life around, like going on a rigid diet or demanding exercise regimen, these energies can help you persist through any physical or mental pain along the way.

When preparing for an upcoming test of will or determination, this is a good set of energies to have strong. There is no guarantee of success. What is promised is that the overall approach taken will be sincere and persistent.

Midpoints in Astrology: Gain Deeper Insight from a Natal Chart

There may be unusual approaches and deviations from norms to get from here to there, but regardless of the tactics used, there should be an eye on an eventual outcome. Many losses or limitations can be encountered with this combination, but these generally only serve to spur you on with whatever it is that needs to be accomplished.

While others are saying "this can not be done", or, "this may not be safe", or, "you can't do this because you don't have the guts," then with this combination strong the overall effort will probably be made, and whatever the effort, persist through to the end. There are many undertakings in life, both with personal goals, such as achieving an athletic level of competence or persistence; or with the creation or actualization of difficult engineering or scientific efforts; where this combination can lend the added energetic support and encouragement to achieve finality.

The Transformation and Alteration of World-views which tend to be Confining. Roosevelt Wins First Election. Accessibility to people and their talents is an important key here. This combination helps open doors for you in locating just the right people to help or those who can supply information. This combination brings a talent for finding not only the people you need for a task, but also opens accessibility to them. The people should be available when you need them, and this is a bonus.

You should have much luck with locating and finding answers to questions, opening doors and channels to pathways which are important, and starting interchanges of contacts and information which can prove important. At meetings when asked to present your opinions and ideas, this combination can help others be more sympathetic to your approaches and ideas. Your counsel can be generally well received.

New partnerships or alliances can be formed due to your incentives and suggestions. You can seem to have a way of working well with people of different cultures, learning languages and customs, being up to date on foreign interests, being ready to travel at a moment notice, etc. This should be well noticed by the people for whom you work, and can be an admired trait.

Your ability to put strangers at ease when they are in new situations can be most helpful. Searching for ideal relationships in business and romance can occupy a large amount of your time. You should be able to amass a large number of contacts amongst a variety of people, so that when you or someone wants or needs to know who can do what, you often are the person they are referred to as a starting point for who to contact first. You can even make the initial contacts, opening doors in ways that others may not be able to do. Your knowledge of connections, abilities, and contacts serves as a fortunate opportunity for you to increase your reputation and acumen.

When adverse situations of life are encountered your ability to draw on the resources of others can help you greatly. Despite adversity you can usually come out well in such situations. You may feel pessimism, but helping to wipe this pessimistic feeling away from you is the potential help available from your many channels and contacts. You may have a destined link with being able to reach just the right people during your times of need, and thus come out well despite what might have seemed like a misfortune.

You can find yourself going through many diverse ideas in order to locate one that is right for you. Finding one, testing it, growing beyond it, and then locating another can occupy large parts of life. This searching becomes a learning and growing process. Part of your destiny is to acquire knowledge as well as friends and contacts, and learning diverse approaches and thoughts is a part of this. Perhaps you will stick with one set, maybe go through several. Whatever happens this can become an important part of life.

Advocates Publicity; Adds to or Expands upon that which helps Connections. Daily preoccupation with the needs to keep life moving ahead in a more or less steady fashion, while juggling the demands from family and others for time and attention, should be strong here. Working through and with any responsibilities taken on to keep family and business moving forward becomes an important issue with this combination. There can be a constant need to balance your time and efforts between these two issues. Then too the reassessment of where and how to place priorities as such areas of life coincide or conflict, also can become an important area for learning about maintaining the balance of self against the needs of life.

As friends or co-workers place demands on self and time, these have to be weighed and balanced against your family and also personal interests. Achieving a balance to keep all such factions satisfied is an important lesson within this combination. There should be an innate sense about understanding the needs and moods of customers, or just people requesting information or services.

This can be a good quality for anyone involved in commercial or financial activities, but even with such innate feelings, the application of these instinctive attributes needs to be recognized, understood, and honed. Just because you have "feelings" does not mean that such feelings are correct, or can lead you on to success in all instances. Learning how to control and read the "feelings" and impressions you receive about what customers or others really want can take time and practice. Learning to recognize what will or will not work, or what may not be feasible, is also necessary.

For people running a restaurant, a business making products, or, even a service oriented business catering to people's needs like advertising, temporary help, a service trade, etc. Important within this combination is meeting and interacting with people. There probably are some important reasons why you meet and interact with the people you do. Such reasons may go back in time to incidents long forgotten, or not presently recognized in your immediate consciousness. The same goes for information which seems to come in from some place, somehow, which strikes a note of recognition deep within self.

Learning to recognize such "feelings" about who or what is important, and then what to do with the people or the information, is also a part of this combination. People may attach to you, calling you "friend", when you really don't want or feel a need for them. But there usually is some reason for their coming into your life, some lesson they are here to open you to, or to teach you. This midpoint brings on feelings of not wanting to be classified in any way.

You want to remain as your own person, unique and apart from the crowd. You enjoy mixing with people, but not to the extent that labels can be put upon you or your interests, goals and desires. You wish to be viewed as your own person, aloof from others, yet interested in them and their welfare. You probably grew up in a non-traditional household.

In some way the nurturing parent either exhibited or encouraged uniqueness and individuality. As a part of this an interest in fixing things, mechanical or electrical ability, computers, etc. You may now, or may have, spent many hours playing games, wasting time, on interactive computer programs.