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This is a good time to connect with divine guidance for specific purposes. Meditation, and other kinds of spiritual, inner work should come much more easily, as Saturn self-discipline is aligned with Neptunian flights of the imagination. We may also be much more able to see how we can make good practical use of the insights and creative ideas that will no doubt be flowing this week. You know there is no doorway back to that reality. Doorways are opening up towards a very different place but the experience seems to be so strange and out of your comfort zone that not only do you not know how to progress, you do not know even the steps to take that will allow authentic expression.

All we have to share with others is where we have risked in our life to uncover the deeper truth of ourself that is buried under all the judgement, ego, and projections. None of us have the same blocks from past lives that we need to remember, unkink, and transmute into a higher form. But by being willing to walk in our own personal shadow of death and confront the distortions and illusions that limit the expression of our light , we give encouragement to others to find the magic and mystery that is their personal journey.

I want to find freedom and peace from my own mind. I want to breathe the air of understanding. I want to hear the song of my soul. See what could happen if you just suspended your mind for a moment. What could you discover about yourself that you did not know existed within you? There is a mystery to uncover and it is hidden in the deep dreams of Pisces, it is hidden in the emotional expression of Cancer, and it is waiting for you in the sexy waters of Scorpio.

Read her article here to get informed and inspired by the important work that Dr. Vandana Shiva is doing. Blessings to all! Chai Girl says: Jun 4, Reply. Thank you for the inspiration. CD says: Jun 4, Reply. Thank you, what an awesome time! Many thanks! Like its' mascot, Libra tends to be fairly balanced.

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They are pretty laid-back, and nothing really riles them. Libra gets along with literally everyone, and if there are any conflicts, they are the peacemakers. Everyone has a Libra friend. As perfect as Libras come across, they are a bit flaky.

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Don't plan on them being on time on a consistent basis. But don't worry--they'll balance out. See what I did there. You'll recognize them as: they are the best-dressed ones in the room, making conversation with everyone from the guests to the servers. They'll arrive fashionably late and leave the party equally as early. Of course, Libra best gets along with their fellow Air signs: Gemini and Aquarius. They can also get along well with their fellow Cardinal signs: Capricorn, Cancer, and Aries.

A Scorpio man or woman is one of the most private people you will ever meet. They may come across as really outgoing and can be true party animals, but if you try to get close, be prepared to proceed slowly. Scorpios are just intense people who are protective of their feelings.

Like other Water signs, they tend to feel deeply than other Sun signs. Scorpios can come across as super sharp-tongued, and they are, but deep down, they are very good people. Just watch where you step. You'll recognize them as: they are wearing some sort of outfit with assorted patterns, dark lace, purple, or bright pink. Again; I have no idea why. Of course, Scorpio best gets along with their fellow Water signs: Pisces and Cancer.

They can also get along well with their fellow Fixed signs: Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius. My grandpa was a Sagittarius, and boy was he a ton of fun! He always acted much younger than his age. Grandpa and I would put on magic shows for our family, and he had karaoke going on all the time. He also carried around some magic tricks that he would play on everyone who would listen.

Name and meaning of Hetvi

He loved entertaining. This sign also loves to laugh. Grandpa wanted to do everything and did. Like Aries, this is another sign that lives life to the fullest.

Meaning of Hetvi and astrology/horoscope analysis

Also, like Aries, they can be a little selfish trying to convince people to do what they want to do. If you're not convinced, they sulk. Sags can also incessantly talk. Bless their hearts—they're just such social creatures. They are consummate charmers and are quite witty. Of course, Sagittarius best gets along with our fellow Fire signs: Leo and Aries.

They can also get along well with their fellow Mutable signs: Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini. Ever been to the petting zoo? You visit the goats, and they start to eat your clothes. Then, they start moving their hooves, and shortly after, go to anyone with food. Goats are so fricking busy. These are classical Capricorns. They love work, and that's their main focus. Their brain never stops. You take them to breakfast, and they are thinking of the next twenty things they need to do.

Caps aren't doing it on purpose; that's just how their brain works. They are most comfortable when they are busy. This also means that they aren't the most emotional people. You may not want to rely on them when you are upset--find a Water or Air friend for that. You can, however, rely on them to help solve any problems you may have with their very logical brain. Capricorns also tend to have a dry sense of humor when you least expect it.

You'll recognize them as: they are the ones in the corner, either hiding behind their chatty Virgo friends or just observing. They're trying to see the soonest time they can leave. Social events aren't really their thing. Capricorns also tend to wear understated fashions--they may be trendy, but not very expressive, may not be flattering, but will more than likely be an Earth color tone. Of course, Capricorn best gets along with their fellow Earth signs: Virgo and Taurus. They can also get along well with their fellow Cardinal signs: Cancer, Aries, and Libra.

I never understood that song. It doesn't make sense, kind of like Aquarius. Aquarius are a little off. A bit stubborn. Can have a bad temper quickly. Love to talk philosophy. Strangely enough, they seem to be a mix of the other Sun signs. They are plain unconventional, and you never know what angle they are coming from. That makes them exciting. My best advice: buckle up, and hold on tight. Bring snacks and clean underwear. Aquarius people seem to know everybody. They are the unofficial mayor of their town. Speaking of your town, these are the people on your block that have a million fork collection.

They're quirky, but they're idealistic, and often involved in humanitarian issues. They are a great friend to have. You'll recognize them as: they are the friend that you will never know if they will show up or not, but when they do, you'll have meaningful conversations. Of course, Aquarius best gets along with their fellow Air signs: Gemini and Libra. They can also get along well with their fellow Fixed signs: Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo. As I mentioned earlier, both of my parents are Pisces. They are wonderful people; very sensitive, open-minded, and understanding. They can also be wishy-washy, and can change their minds quickly.

Don't even get me started on picking a restaurant to eat.

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Good lord. Nevertheless, I've never met a sign that can read people so quickly. Pisces are so empathic; you would think they were psychic.

Remedies to Stay Happy in Astrology.

Their sign also tends to feel pain if someone is in pain around them or can sense if something is off about you--are you in a bad mood? Do you not feel well? Expect flowers or candy the next day. They can be some of your best and thoughtful friends. They are emotional, but this can teeter on being hot or cold. It completely depends on their mood and what's going on around them. Yes; Pisces can literally take on the stresses around them. You just may not know they are mad or stressed until they snap.

Then, as quickly as they got mad, they move onto the next thing. Fish are constantly in motion, and mentally in motion are Pisces. You'll recognize them as: they are usually wearing something that doesn't match. Mismatched patterns. Crocs with a dress.

Name Compatibility (Astrology)

They throw clothes on without caring what other people think. It makes sense to them, so why should they care? They are also a sign that has deep conversations and then might never speak to you again. Like fish, just when you think you have them figured out, they slip away. Of course, Pisces best gets along with their fellow Water signs: Scorpio and Cancer. They can also get along well with their fellow Mutable signs: Sagittarius, Virgo, and Gemini. As I mentioned above, astrology is not a perfect science, just like we're not perfect beings.

No matter what your sign is, we all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Please accept people for who they are. Always try to show patience and kindness. Kindness is completely free, and makes a huge difference. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. My question is can you be a sign that is completely different from your birth sign?

Does your birthday lie on a cusp? I would recommend you check your birth chart to determine what your Rising and Moon signs are. They may help to explain those other characteristics you see in yourself. Well-played, Aquarius. It is completely possible. One pairing that I see most often is Libra and Scorpio.

I think it depends on the person. Aquarius is the name of the Sun Sign. I was born on December 17th, I do have some traits of Sagittarius, but I was supposed to be born on December 24th which is Capricorn. I have an equal amount of traits for both of these signs, can it be possible? And to my understanding, your sign is dictated by when you were actually born. It completely depends. Sun is placed with its friend Jupiter. Now my problem is that i dont want to stay in hyderabad due to some personal reasons and any solution that i can shift again to another city other than hyderabad and with my husband he is a nice person but he donot give time to us, dont show respect even he thinks we are not important he follows what my father in law and mopther in laws says.

Answer — as most of your query is just based upon your husband. I will be able to update you regarding your queries only. As I have mentioned above that your moon is in deblation. So this has lead to negative thinking. This will lead to thinking negative.

Negative Moon will bring unnecessary problems. This can be averted by making your moon good. Moon represents mother. Try to give lots of affection to your mother or mother in law. Try wearing silver bangles and white pearl. This will calm your mind. Matrimony- Bridegroom, Bride.

Various other raj yogs. Lagan lord is Mercury and is placed in Moon Rashi. Lagan is the most important house of the entire horoscope. Mercury is the lord of lagan and is placed in its friend house, i. It is quite positive. In lagan Saturn is placed in the house of Mercury. Saturn and mercury are neutral to each other. So we will consider this as positive. And in lagan Saturn is placed and Saturn is neutral to mercury. Prediction of second house - Second house — The second house depicts Wealth, Speech, family ,left eye, Throat.

Patwari Jee says:-

Second house lord is placed in tenth house Second house lord is Venus and is placed in Mecury Rashi. Lord of second house is venus and venus is placed in the rashi of mercury. Venus and mercury are friends. So placement of second house in tenth house is positive. Mars is placed in second house. Placement of Mars can bring little harshness in the voice. Person speak with anger. Person can boost of his wealth and power.

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  5. He cannot be let down in words. Less power of mars on second house depicts Good marriage life. Good speech power. Prediction of Third house - Third house — T hird house depicts bravery, courage, dynamism, extra activities, brothers and sisters. Third house lord is Mars and is placed in Venus Rashi. Moon is present in third house in the house of Mars. So hence moon is present in its deblation. So this is negative. Moon deblation produces the results Moon is the ruler of mind. Negative moon brings unnecessary thoughts. Negative moon brings unnecessary tensions.

    Negative moon brings fluctuation in personality Negative moon bring less cordial relations with mother or mother in law. Health problems to mother or mother in law. And in Navamsha chart also, moon placement is not very good. It is placed in sixth house. So we will rate third house as negative.

    Fourth house lord is Jupiter and is placed in Sun Rashi. Planet in 12 th house is considered negative. Planet Jupiter in 12 th house is considered negative. Here placement of Jupiter is in the house of sun and sun is also present in its rashi. Sun and Jupiter and friends. Fifth house lord is Saturn and is placed in Mercury Rashi. So full marks goes to fifth house, because Saturn is placed there.

    Ketu is placed in fifth house. Mars are impacting fifth house. So this will lead to Acquiring technical or medical education Blessed with son. Vandana will acquire good education and will be blessed with good children. Prediction of sixth House Sixth house — Sixth house represents disease, war, sin, insult, court cases, Enemies, Servants. Sixth house lord is Saturn and is placed in Mercury Rashi. So full marks to sixth house. If the person is born in western culture, then person would be philanderer Seventh house has great impact on human being.