Full moon february 19 astrology

A few minutes are enough to allow a moment of spiritual peace and leave you inspired and refreshed. Libra, monitor your bank account during the Full Moon. If you are missing a salary, double-check and ask your boss to send you your late paycheck.

Full Moons Info & Dates

Remember to take charge of your finances. Do not miss another lunar cycle with the feeling of controlling nothing. You have the necessary qualities to take control of your life. Love will be in your mind and you will be in the mood to work on some issues with your partner under this Full Moon.

Mercury is always retrograde, so do not expect to get your message across exactly as you expect, but honesty and reality are a good start. You know that stress puts a stop to your natural cheerfulness. Try to free yourself from everyday stress. Stay calm no matter what.

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Practice mindfulness or anything that helps you stay calm. Capricorn, you might feel particularly romantic, probably because that sweet emotional moon is in another sign of the earth. Plan an evening with your partner to have fun during this Full Moon. Aquarius, take the time to relax under this Full Moon. The time has come to take a day to release all the tensions related to work.

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How The September Full Moon Will Affect Your Work, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Don't Miss A Thing! Pholus held the jug of sacred wine, as we hold the seeds of Divinity. In such a perfect aspect to Uranus, which also brings a cosmic gift of consciousness, the message of a new level of consciousness on Earth certainly is clear. Because Pholus has just entered Capricorn, it could represent a promise of cleansing our institutions through sacrifice of old and corrupt ways of thinking.

Pholus is associated with sacrifice. If we consider all of these energies within the Zodiac, the picture starts to become quite unmistakably a story of moving from the corrupted, outworn ideas of material reality to a new more balanced understanding of the Earth as spiritually connected to us.


I would go so far as to say, more than just connected to us, but consubstantial with us. We are to take in the food of Spirit through our feminine energy of receptivity and creativity, which will result in a heightened understand of our relationship to Earth. The Sun is not only at 0 Pisces, so signaling a brand new identity in the world, but it is in conjunction with the Black Moon, Lilith.

Moon's Astrological Place in the Zodiac

Lilith reveals hidden corners, so whether there are spiders or bits of gold hidden in those dark corners, Lilith will light them up and bring them into view. These skills are likely to become unleashed and flower into new areas of life. Lilith is still in Aquarius, so unrealized powers of technology can be revealed. The exact conjunction of the Sun and Lilith at 21 Aquarius occurs on the 11th of February, and as I write, the secrets of Jeff Bezos, the billionaire of internet commerce Amazon , are coming out, and in doing so, aiding the justice system to bring the purveyors of gossip and lies, David Pecker National Enquirer , to a higher level of justice than he would otherwise have been exposed to.

These long repressed Goddesses, Eris and Lilith, are no longer allowing patriarchal structures and corruption to enslave, gag, and degrade the women and children who have so long been their captors. The time of abusing the feminine is over!

Clean house with this powerful full moon at 0º of the Maiden's sign!

Lilith and Eris, though very small planets, are surely showing their power! Just in case this is not enough proof of the entrance of feminine, goddess power coming into the Solar System to balance the masculine, there is more! Pallas Athena was the daughter of Zeus, and represents creative wisdom.