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Horoscope fish An opportunity to quickly improve your finances is available to you, don't let it pass. It would be a shame to turn your back on such a advantageous offer unless last-minute constraints were to disrupt the realization of this fearless project. Quote of the day: " love makes everything excuse, but you have to be of course there is love. This electric train with 2 engines, one at each end, and 8 passenger compartments, reaches the speed of kilometers per hour on special rails. It was inaugurated by President Mitterrand 5 days earlier.

Voici votre horoscope du 26 Septembre Here is your horoscope of September 26, Aries horoscope You'll have good morale. The Non-founded fears about your future will soon grow. Even if you doubt the outcome in your situation, you can only smile at life. You can believe now that it's your turn to get this chance!

Taurus horoscope The planets are less favour to you today. This increases your sense of duty which means that certain personal or family obligations will suddenly become a priority for you, to the general surprise. Gemini horoscope You will have to fight to defeat an unexpected obstacle but luck helps you overcome this passenger inconvenience. Life has decided to smile at you, take advantage of it to put order in your heart business.

A person close to you is interested in you. Horoscope cancer Real possibilities will happen one day. Try not to give up to fears and doubts without foundation. Moving forward is positive, all you have to do is believe in yourself. All hopes are allowed, you just have to act to succeed. Lion horoscope You will help through others to regain the morale of the great days. A new unexpected element is a problem but your determination helps you get through this difficult course. You will enjoy the joys of a meeting with friends. Virgin Horoscope Wondering why all the meetings you make are always the same and you feel frustrated because nothing is evolving.

You will soon have the chance to build new and exciting relationships. Horoscope balance Your courage and determination will be able to take advantage of an opportunity that seems to happen at the right time. You won't have to fear to make an excellent decision that could lead you where you wanted to go. Great perspectives open to you. Scorpion horoscope You're getting ready for all kinds of activities including business. An unexpected meeting allows you to take the temperature of the financial climate.

Don't start an adventure in a new business without thinking very seriously. Sagittarius horoscope It is now that you can claim to receive the reward you deserve, it will really hurt your morale. You won't have much effort to provide to face the future when the seductive offer we will make you. Capricorn horoscope Don't let yourself go to the fate of someone who tells you his financial leack. You think you have enough to do with your own things. You will be carefully looking for a new budget.

Aquarius horoscope Something important is going to happen what will make some key points in your life. But how good morale is you will only have to congratulate yourself on what happens. Pay very attention to your shape. Don't get too tired and avoid too frequent abuse.

Horoscope fish Think seriously before starting an action on your business. We are in a period when prudence is of rigour. Rather than moving forward hoping that everything will be fine, wait for the good moment because luck will pass. Today, Thursday, September , 26, we celebrate the como and Damien.

Quote of the day: " let the b? Front eggs. The Official report of 1. Voici votre horoscope du 25 Septembre Here is your horoscope of September 25, Aries horoscope A very important relationship will make sure to get closer to you in a few days. Your friendly feelings towards him will evolve positively which will bring you a lot of comfort and serenity. You'll see life from another angle. Taurus horoscope Your worries will melt like snow in the sun.

You will have the excellent opportunity to get closer to someone who is close to you. Take all the time to make you understand what you really want. Speak frankly but calmly and we will listen to you. Gemini horoscope Things seem to be arranged in an ordered way for you, show more caution if you want to not miss the excellent offer that we can do to you, take advantage of your good shape to achieve what we expect from you, Horoscope cancer You have a lot to do and fortunately the great shape will be there.

You will find the effective cooperation of a good person who will help you in your work. Encourage her because you will be sure you can count on her for a long time. Lion horoscope The sky is particularly in favour of you right now on a personal level. Enjoy it. You would have to think about sensitive transformations in your attitude towards others. You are capable of great things, trust, your dynamism will do the rest. Virgin Horoscope You always want to help those you feed deep feelings for.

You realize that you tend not to do them really a favor. Everyone should be able to realize their strengths and weaknesses. Horoscope balance Wondering if you're right to act in a bit of a rider to a person you don't wear in your heart. There is no doubt that your fame does not want to give up to a certain sing of him. You know how to keep calm. Scorpion horoscope Despite some uncertainty in the running of operations, your physical form allows you to take a long course even if we are looking to put sticks in the wheels.

You regain confidence in yourself and will soon confirm the full success. Sagittarius horoscope Despite some minor difficulties, your shape will return to the great gallop. This will have a lot of positive impacts for the decisions you will have to make. You gain in clarity. Your efficiency will be at its optimum, the atmosphere of the day is good. Capricorn horoscope You feel the desire to transform everything in a hurry. You will make a greater understanding in your relationship with your loved ones.

You suddenly aspire to more communication and exchange with a person who seems to want to get away from you. Aquarius horoscope Family problems can suddenly happen if you don't take care of what you say. The Word is silver but silence is golden. Keep the dumbness on a very special point of view and everyone will be happy with your discretion. Horoscope fish You could go through a difficult time but your dynamism will help you carry out a delicate business. You will be able to receive the fruits of your efforts very quickly.

Take the time to rest to keep the good morale you need. Today, Wednesday, September , 25, we celebrate the hermann. Quote of the day: "we become stupid as soon as we stop being passionate" Claude Adrien Helvetius Proverb of the day: " ask the sky for a good harvest and continue to work. The one whose sad reputation earned him the nickname "Butcher of Lyon" was sentenced in July to life sentence for crimes against humanity.

At the end of a marathon trial in Lyon, Barbie had been found guilty of all the crimes she had been accused, including the raid of 44 Jewish children in actor in and the shipment of the last convoy of deported From Lyon to death camps, August 11th of the same year. Appointed to the anti-Jewish section of the gestapo in Amsterdam in , according to the Dutch authorities, he participated in the arrest of Jews from Amsterdam, deported and exterminated at the camp camp.

He had managed to escape justice until , finding refuge in Bolivia. Voici votre horoscope du 24 Septembre Here is your horoscope of September 24, Aries horoscope Take advantage of the moment to sail to new horizons. You've been waiting too much to do it. You now seem available to take a brilliant action you've been thinking about for a long time. Go ahead. The chances are on your side. Taurus horoscope You will have the opportunity to solve a problem that has been in your mind for some time.

Gemini horoscope You will have a decision to take at the foot and you will have the right reaction at the right time during an interview you will be doing. You will be a good figure and you will be the subject of a very influential person. Take advantage of the circumstances. Horoscope cancer You have the opportunity to solve a certain problem that has been in your mind for a long time. Think quickly about the best way you will be able to solve what seemed a riddle to you. You will grow with finesse and convincing.

Lion horoscope Luck is on your side regarding your finances and it's a good time to consider a business or association with someone close to you. Make sure you take a good start because finance and friendship don't always get married very well. Virgin Horoscope You need to have the great shape because things are starting to annoy you. You have a crazy desire to solve everything now. Horoscope balance Preserve your morale.

Do against bad fortune good heart. When problems start to harass you, take a break. Forget everything and have fun. You will have time next week to take care of your problems. Scorpion horoscope Your opinion on a complicated heart case matters a lot to someone attached to you. The few relationships so far too rare will improve very clearly.

Your Attidude will surprise but feelings will be increased to your great joy. Sagittarius horoscope You need to do new things to improve your shape. You will feel good in the head and well in your skin. You feed a secret hope to follow some ambitious guidelines, you take things in your hands. We'll support you for your results. Capricorn horoscope Don't get distracted by events of little importance, your physical form will give you confidence because you need it, chase away that doubt that seems to roam around you, you have the means of success and you know it, Aquarius horoscope It's the great physical form and your morale feels.

You won't have to wait long to reach the goal you set. You will have a very clear view of the way to complete a delicate business. Everything succeed you. Horoscope fish Your morale right now is preserved, everything will seem to smile at you. Do not reject a selfless proposal that will be made to you soon.

You will be sensitive to this brand of friendship. You'll need to be convinced.

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You find a smile. Quote of the day: " boredom was born a day of consistency. She wrote about fifty books including " good morning sadness ", " a certain smile " and " the bed defeats " and marked the opinion by a privacy full of excess in all kinds. Voici votre horoscope du 23 Septembre Here is your horoscope of September 23, Aries horoscope Take care to rescue an unhappy person from your entourage who never asks for the necessary help when it takes. But know how to preserve your morale because it might be a little invasive at a particularly delicate moment.

Taurus horoscope A person you owe will try to get you back on a decision you made. You get through a spin, it's good war. You even get away with the honors of your entourage.

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We'll give you right. Gemini horoscope You should discover real possibilities in a new case. Try not to give up to the fears and doubts that may cause you. Move forward, all you have to do is believe in yourself. Now all hopes are allowed to you. Horoscope cancer You were wrong with the personal opinion of someone you admire a lot. The good relationships you've had so far will get better. Your playful attitude can help because feelings remain strong. You make it easy.

Lion horoscope Your somewhat difficult relationships will help you use all your sense of diplomacy. Your tact and common sense will help you get out of a delicate situation. An unexpected opportunity is coming to you to avoid a compromising shame. Virgin Horoscope You'll like us to talk about you.

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Your pride will be honored by this special attention mark of someone you used to leave for account. Your morale is fixed and you rub your hands despite a heavy load waiting for you. Horoscope balance You think you don't really understand what's going on and yet the experience should be able to serve you as an example, you have already experienced this kind of difficulties and you have done it in an honorable way, you will be in shape and you will realize your feat, Scorpion horoscope You need new energies to be at the best of your shape.

You'll have new ideas. Let her lead you on a new adventure. You are in great shape, go make new discoveries. Sagittarius horoscope We hide feelings for you and you don't even see it. Yet we are looking quietly to let you know. Open your eyes, a financial adventure would probably not be to please you. Good reconciliation in sight.

Capricorn horoscope Force yourself to respond to an invitation you are very little interested. It's not your kind to accept a meeting like this without thinking, but this faith go ahead. Then organize another appointment that better matches your deep aspirations. Aquarius horoscope You will have a pleasant surprise.

Try your luck because one of your close knowledge seems to change attitude with you. You will feel reassured, so take the time to talk to him open to make things clear. Horoscope fish It would be desirable for you to adopt a more moderate attitude to this unexpected relationship that is created with a person who likes you very much. Your way of seeing will make things evolve.

We will inform you about the conduct to be held. Today, Monday, September , 23, we celebrate the constant. Quote of the day: " if i walk more straight than another, it's that I box both feet. Sigmund Freud died at the age of 80 near London, where racism Hitler, after Austria's annexation, brought him to refuge. A Neurologist and a psychologist, he created an original method of exploring the unconscious. Sigmond Freud wrote many books, including the interpretation of dreams, in , and introduction to psychoanalysis in It's already operational!!!

Voici votre horoscope du 21 Septembre Here is your horoscope of September 21, Aries horoscope A person you love may miss you if you're not looking to meet her. You could experience this separation you don't really want. Make the effort to go ahead of her, you will know new healthy joys. Taurus horoscope You will probably have a decision to make in your business.

Don't do it lightly. Even if this act does not seem important to you today, it may have decisive repercussions in the near future. Gemini horoscope An important case could be treated soon in your back. It all depends on how you're going to react. We count on your passivity but you will be able to be effective by taking the lead despite a certain delay taken before departure. Horoscope cancer You can count on the chance to have the unconditional support of someone close to you.

You are no longer alone and you find morale very quickly. Enjoy yourself and enjoy a great moment of relaxation with friends. Lion horoscope We'll try to give you some advice that you won't have the opportunity to follow. You can save your independence. Information from different origins might upset you, yet that's what makes you move towards success.

Virgin Horoscope When things don't go as you hope you have a certain trend to let yourself go to discouragement. Yet you are entering a beneficial period where your money returns could improve. You are daring. Horoscope balance A few gymnastics moves wouldn't hurt you. Have care of your body. Being in great shape will give you good arrangements of mind. Your time job is busy but you will realize what you want to do. You will have the necessary courage. Scorpion horoscope If others annoy you and you want to be alone to do what you want, don't hesitate.

But don't cut yourself from others and don't stay isolated. You will then have the chance to live privileged relationships. Sagittarius horoscope You think you have to respond negative to an invitation that doesn't interest you very much. You'd like to stay at home. You will create another date that is more in your taste. The answer will give you right. Capricorn horoscope The positive feelings of a dear person evolve too slowly at your will. But things can be done very fast. Your romantic projects will succeed despite some difficult obstacles to overcome. News from far away leave you confused.

Aquarius horoscope A significant improvement in your finances comes from a letter arriving about. Take advantage of this good news to make the point in your budget. You don't follow too bold projects you prefer to play caution, the future gives you right. Horoscope fish This is the shape! And morale is good. No particular concern to have on the outcome of an important case that is wrong. Your ability to negotiate leads you slowly but surely to a well-deserved success. Quote of the day: " you have to have a lot of judgment to feel that we don't have one. The shock wave has been seen 80 kilometers round and several buildings including schools, homes and stores were devastated by the breath of the explosion.

Ur from the city, away from several kilometers. The Balance Sheet is heavy: 30 dead and nearly 2. This plant was part of the category of major industrial risk sites and was classified as "seveso", after the Italian city that had experienced a serious chemical accident in Voici votre horoscope du 20 Septembre Here is your horoscope of September 20, Aries horoscope You will have all the weapons to solve a difficult situation because you have physical shape.

The mediocrity of your current fate does not satisfy you and you think you deserve better. You will have the opportunity to highlight your personal qualities. Taurus horoscope Your fitness is reaching new heights, that means stress can't reach you anymore. Try to keep this wonderful shape today and forget the worries and vexations for once.

Gemini horoscope You will have the great physical form and you will have all the weapons to solve a difficult situation. Mediocrity doesn't satisfy you. You deserve better than that in life. Highlight your personal qualities that are unique. Horoscope cancer We'll make you an important proposal.

An opportunity like this is incongruous to your eyes. It would be good to think about it. You consider for no reason to push it away for now. Don't wait too long. Tomorrow it may be too late. Lion horoscope The evolution of a complicated situation prevents you from having precise thoughts on this particular subject. Appearances are misleading and you know it.

Your usual insight will allow you to solve this riddle with ease. Virgin Horoscope You will enter a time when nothing can stop your enthusiasm and your enthusiasm.

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This is the right time to start the project you have behind your head for a long time. Arm yourself with courage, beautiful perspectives are in sight. Horoscope balance All kinds of small business may hold all your attention. Vigilance will be of rigour if you want not to be surprised by an opportunity coming very about. It's your intelligence to take advantage of this unexpected event! Scorpion horoscope You feel like the whole world belongs to you. Your enthusiasm drives you to unknown heights.

Nothing seems to want to stop you on the path to success. However stay very vigilant, your finances still seem fragile. Sagittarius horoscope You will feel good in your skin and efforts do not scare you, you will feel in pain of inspiration but unexpected help allows you to achieve the goal you seek to achieve, show temperance because the pounds too much,,, Capricorn horoscope If you feel you're going to lose patience, try not to show it. Regain and keep control of yourself by breathing deeply in front of the event, and you will no longer have that feeling of frustration and luck will smile at you.

Aquarius horoscope You get to know a new project where you will feel the first person concerned, which will not be to please you. You will get familiar with this surprising idea. You will be able to carry out the operations that concern you. Horoscope fish A very important case might come up. It will all depend on how clever you understand the reality of things. Be careful. Your judgment must not fail. Caution and discernment are recommended in similar circumstances. Today, Friday, September , 20, we celebrate the Davy.

Quote of the day: " the state is a human community that, within the limits of a territory, claims successfully on its own account the monopoly of legitimate physical violence. Voici votre horoscope du 19 Septembre Here is your horoscope of September 19, Aries horoscope Take a morning walk by breathing deeply, your morale will get away from it and return to the beautiful fixed. You need some air right now.

It is necessary to air you well. The great air will have a beneficial effect on your shape and morale. Taurus horoscope You will experience a long period of tranquility. Gemini horoscope You're getting tired because you won't get the answer to the question you asked. You will know with delay the right solutions to bring in a heart case that you will be able to solve with great dexterity. Horoscope cancer The evolution of the situation will seem painful to you but it will not prevent you from having precise ideas on this apparently complicated subject.

Appearances will be saved thanks to an unexpected shot of luck, which will help to solve this case with ease. Lion horoscope Important changes will happen. You are in a delicate transitional period. This will be based on your behavior in the face of your entourage. Show energy because you would quickly be exceeded. Get ready by transforming your schedule. Virgin Horoscope You will know good ideas that deserve to be used. Think about what it can bring you new. But don't go lightly in a random direction.

Prefer a more cautious option, your finances will be less poor. Horoscope balance A Clear improvement in your financial relations is coming. It makes you feel good and gets you back in shape. Take advantage of it to rejoice and make good use of these excellent news for your benefit. However, be very careful with your budget. Scorpion horoscope The evolution of a complicated situation prevents you from having precise thoughts on this particular subject.

Sagittarius horoscope Your useless worries will be able to melt like snow in the sun. A last minute opportunity brings the sun back in your life. You will be able to put the clocks back on time with a lot of elegance and detachment. Capricorn horoscope Your personal opinion matters to many in the decision that will be taken and you will not miss any of them. Your form allows you to accomplish with a lot of application the mission you impose. Watch out for jealousy. Aquarius horoscope Even if the circumstances of the moment do not seem very good to you, it must not change your attitude in your feelings.

Showing excessive indifference will not change the relationships with a person dear to your heart. Horoscope fish You have in your hands every chance to achieve your ends. You were fighting a showdown and it is an ally that you will find in the attitude of someone who seemed to want to run away from you. This last minute reconciliation will be welcome. Quote of the day: " it's better not to change the hitch in the middle of the ford.

Techno music is finally recognized after more than ten years of repression. About Voici votre horoscope du 18 Septembre Here is your horoscope of September 18, Aries horoscope Some days are not good days and the sky would like to send you one of those. Things might go wrong, but finally everything will work out once the luck has turned out.

Be very careful, your finances might take a shot. Bull horoscope The Shape and luck will still smile at you. It would be good to correct some important decisions taken a little in a hurry. You will be able to find an excellent compromise that will make everyone agree. The road is all drawn for a perfect realization. Gemini horoscope You want to save appearances at all costs but the truth is dying.

Just say what are your intentions for the future and we may believe you on word. You are now able to display your intentions with optimism and good mood. Cancer Horoscope Use your power of convincing to get what you want, the opportunity is offered to you. This is the right time to be able to ask for the favor you want because your interlocutor will be in good terms of mind for you. Lion horoscope A surprising decision about you could be avoided if you know how to submit a clever request to a person who is rather in favour of you. Don't look too much to find out how you can get a very favorable decision in a delicate matter.

Virgin Horoscope You will be able to achieve your ends. This is the arrival for you after a long, difficult and winding road. You will enjoy a lot of joy. But be careful don't rest on your laurels. Continue to persevere and it will be the great reward of the heart. Horoscope balance horoscope When it comes to morale and shape, the sky supports you. You regain confidence in yourself. Your Adventurous Spirit will allow you to take certain risks so that you can show others and yourself what you are capable of.

Scorpio horoscope You wonder why all the encounters you make are always the same and you feel feelings of feelings because nothing is evolving. You will take care of it twice before making such a decision engaging your personal responsibility. Capricorn horoscope If you have decided to do something now, do it without waiting because morale will be there to help you.

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Hang on because the game might be hard to lead. You have all the assets in hand to succeed, show courage. Your concerns about the feelings of a person close to you are not quite well founded. You will probably have your say about an uncertain attitude to a particular situation. Horoscope fish Personal Problems could happen if you don't pay attention to what you're saying. It is often said that the word is silver but that silence is gold. Do in the experience and everyone will be very happy with greater discretion.

Quote of the day: " in fact of imperfections, we are eagles to see those of others, and moles to see ours. The Sinister Guillotine will therefore be away for good and the executioner put to work. Voici votre horoscope du 17 septembre Here is your horoscope of September 17, Aries horoscope Personal issues might happen if you don't pay attention to what you say. It is often said that the word is silver but silence is golden. Experience and everyone will be very happy with greater discretion.

Taurus horoscope You will feel concerned with questions of trust. You regret having trusted a certain person very close to you. Fortunately luck passes and you will see the events taking place for your benefit. Your patience is rewarded. Gemini horoscope You will have the chance to have a beautiful financial proposal that will be made confidential to you.

But be careful, if a good speaker tries to convince you to give him your money, think before. Especially follow only the wise advice. Horoscope cancer The main lines of a project will be thrown in a hurry, yet, despite this, you can have certainty that this case could succeed in the general surprise especially if you put yours in priority, the shape smiles at you, Lion horoscope A person you met recently will get closer to you and you discover a new possible friendship.

Both you can get along and become road companions. Other friends might feel jealousy, but it won't last. Virgin Horoscope You will find out that communication with others is getting better. You will see with satisfaction that your ideas are better received. Your ideas will be recognized by your entourage. It will be a very pleasant atmosphere to live. Horoscope balance Real possibilities will happen one day. Scorpion horoscope You find the right morale and a big smile will brighten your face. You will go through a difficult episode and your good mood will be a great help.

Sagittarius horoscope The planets are very professional for you, it would now be time to consider important changes in this area. You know that you are capable of great things, but your lack of self-confidence, brake your dynamism. Capricorn horoscope Beware of the sleeping water. You will have the chance to realize that someone who said nothing will join your point of view.

Yesterday's enemies can become the friends of tomorrow. Take care to assert your positions even if they seem intransigent. Aquarius horoscope Some of your knowledge seek to hinder your intimate relationships. You will get tired but your righteous anger will not make waves. We remain closely attached to you, your side is on the rise. You will experience a rewarding period in the heart. Horoscope fish Luck will cause you and you answer present.

You make real deals in a business where you're going to win. You make an extra profit from it which makes you a furious desire to commit more. Quote of the day: " I was born to stay young, and I had the advantage of seeing it, the day I stopped being. Three days after the attack on the police prefecture, which brings to 3 Dead and injured in 11 days the report of terrorism in France, a violent explosion near montparnasse station is 5 Dead and 52 Injured, including 18 seriously affected. Voici votre horoscope du 16 Septembre Here is your horoscope of September 16, Aries horoscope You will easily find the great shape because things are very clearly starting to move towards success.

You will have the intimate conviction that an uncertain event has not happened by chance. You have very positive benefits. Taurus horoscope Success will be with you. Everything will smile at you if you measure the scope of your actions. Watch your imagination sometimes overflowing, be realistic, your determination will do the rest. Birthday 3rd - Friendship Numerology - Birthday Number. These people are social and friendly. They like people and have many friends. They are honest. They are creative and have many ideas. They are not afraid of other people. In a romantic relationship they want to be independent.

It is very important that they find a partner who is social. Full numerology report. Famous people born on October 9th Today. Guillermo del Toro. John Lennon.

Alfred Dreyfus. Max von Laue. Planet positions :. Uknown birth time Do you know the birth time? Node M. Lilith M. Famous people born on October 10th Tomorrow. Peter Coyote. Chris Penn. Charles Dance.

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Helen Hayes. James Clavell. Famous people who passed away on October 9th. Jacques Brel. Ernesto 'Che' Guevara. Pope Pius XII. Karl Friedrich Schinkel. Jean Rochefort. Seek users by nickname.